Applauds Celebrity Equinox, Solstice for Green Initiatives admits that “giant floating hotels driven by fossil fuels are a pretty hard thing to turn green,” though they are glad to see some of the “green” improvements on the new Celebrity Equinox and its sister ship, the Celebrity Solstice, which is already in service.

Celebrity Equinox Lawn Club - Solstice ClassOne of the most obvious “green” items on the ship is the 15,000 square feet of real grass installed on one of the upper decks, though TreeHugger notes that “beyond the literal greenness of this thing, I wonder about its ecological impact.” Fair enough – but Celebrity Cruises are making some improvements that even a true Tree Hugger could appreciate.

Here are some of the measures taken on both ships to curb emissions:

Ships use mostly LED lightning technology which reduces power by over 20%.

Ships are powered by four Hybrid (Common Rail Diesel-Electro) engines.

All roofs have photovoltaic panels (including glass roofs).

Ships are equipped with an advanced biological waste water treatment facility.

Ships utilize recycling and separation of trash and waste.

Ships produce fresh water with reused heat and reverse osmosis and low chlorine.

Ships reuse and refine oil on board.

The Green Roof includes a run-off collection tank.

Celebrity corporate participates in “Save The Waves” program.

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