Will Carnival Elation Murder Cabin be Disclosed?

Carnival Elation Haunted Cabin Since Carnival didn’t delay the departure of cruise immediately following a 55-year old woman’s murder on board the Elation, it’s apparent the cruise line is trying to resume business-as-usual as quickly as possible. Our question is, “What will happen with Elation cabin # R24,” which is the cabin number the incident took place in.

There are undoubtedly thousands of upcoming Elation cruisers asking the same thing, and they’re probably double checking their itineraries to see if they’ve booked the cabin in question.

Carnival has a few options. One would be to permanently close the room. While they would potentially lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenues over the lifetime of the ship, they would also avoid unhappy customers. If Carnival did nothing, and a guest learned about the cabin’s history half-way through a cruise, we believe some guests may be very displeased.

The other option would be to disclose what happened to anyone booking that particular room. This option could hamper Carnivals’ attempt to move past this event as quickly as possible, and customers may be so turned off by the prospect they choose to book on a completely different ship – or worse, another cruise line! While there are many destinations that advertise and even charge premiums for rooms that have disturbing pasts, that avenue would not be advised given Carnival’s “Fun Ship” image and recent timing of the event.

What do you think Carnival should do with the room? Would you stay in Elation cabin R24?

27 thoughts on “Will Carnival Elation Murder Cabin be Disclosed?”

  1. He…. No !!! Never!!! The funny part about this situation is that I have a cruise in Aug on that same ship and let me tell you, the first thing I did is find out what cabin it happened in, so I would keep my as… out that cabin

  2. Carnival can use the cabin permanently for onboard entertainers…each cruise, entertainers are brought on board and given a “passenger” cabin.

  3. I booked a cruise for 12 people (Friends and family) on the 10/01/09 – 10/05/09 on carnival elation and they didn’t disclose this to our booking, my cousin was in that cabin and I was next door. We didn’t find out till yesterday 10/5/09 after we got off the boat that he stayed in R24, the room that had the murder in it. It would have been nice for it to have been disclosed.

  4. I have been on this ship and cannot believe this happened. It does ruin the imagine of that room which for Carnival is unfair you cannot control someone who has a fit of rage. As far as staying in that room I would not perfer to stay in that room personally but is it fair to loose the room and the money because of someone elses actions probably not. I think Carnival should disclose it when someone books it because if you sell a house where there has been a murder it has to be disclosed. There are personal beliefs and even religious beliefs regarding staying in a area of death so out of all respect I hope they do disclose it and Carnival will survive they run a good company….

  5. My mother & I were on the Elation at the time of the murder, actually right across the hall room R26. I feel that the carnival should use the room as some sort of storage area & not for passengers. I will never cruise on any of carnival ships ever again this much I know!

  6. The Carnival Employees need to keep their mouth shut. We just got back from that same trip and My son was in the O2 club and the director was blabbing all the details, even the room number. He is 17 and can handle that type of story, but to the kids she’s telling that are younger or more sensitive may be a different story..we would have never known anything about it if she’d keep her mouth closed. I did think about the murder and circumstances while on board and I wish I could’ve just enjoyed my vacation without that in my head. That was our 4th carnival trip and I would go again. The service and staff are great. This woman just needs to shut up and not say anything.

  7. It is just a room. That was a disturbed man who made a horrible decision. It is not the room that killed anyone, and I highly doubt that man was “ok” before the cruise.

    Really, you never know what happened in the place you are, so why does it matter what happened in the cruise room you have booked?

  8. I’m sure plenty of people have stayed in hotel rooms where people have died. I work in a business where I see several deaths a year and I can’t tell you how many people have died in bed in hotel rooms. Change the bedding and air out the room. It’s a business. It’s not the room. It’s the people. What you don’t know sure won’t hurt you. Callous I know but it’s the truth..

  9. Whooooa!!! Got a cruise scheduled for the end of this month, That crap gives me the major heebie jeebies!!!!!

  10. I booked that cabin a few months ago and didn’t find out about the murder until the night before the departure. When I requested a different cabin (many were still vacant), the employees were very unsympathetic and gave me a hard time. They wouldn’t change my cabin, would send me back and forth between employees, and wouldn’t let me speak to their manager. It was only after multiple attempts did they finally change my cabin. So if this happens to you, you need to make a scene in front of other people – because they are afraid that if other guests find out about the cabin, it would create chaos- so they do anything to shut you up.

  11. omgosh!! I am going on that ship this summer but luckily not that cabin!! that really freaks me out and i hope i don’t see the room number! hahah

  12. What difference does it make to current passangers. The cabin is a room, nothing more, nothing less. It, as an inantmate object, had nothing to do with the murder. The killer is no longer there. I can see no reason to close the cabin or to tell anyone what happened several years ago. I wonder about the intelligence/mental health of someone who gets upset about long past history.

  13. Wow, I am going on this ship in May. They are suppose to pick my room. I know if they give me this room I am going to make a big scene about it if they dont change it! There may not be nothing wrong with the room, but I would be weirded out the whole time! I dont want to go on a ghost ship cruise I want to go on a fun cruise! Its nerve racking enough just to be out in the middle of the ocean!

  14. OMG you are all ridiculous to say Carnival should disclose or I would not stay in that room. People die all the time on Cruise Ships, Hotels, and even on Airplanes….do you demand a “car fax” on everything you book??? You are on vacation just enjoy it for the love of God.

  15. We just cruised The Elation july 18 2013 an experienced some strange things happening in U215. My wedding ring was missing from the dresser upon taking a shower. We looked everywhere and called security to conduct a search of our cabin. The Stewart had never entered our room. Security found it under the bottom drawer. We never usedthe drawers and the gap between the drawer and the baseboard was only 1/2 INCH!! It had to fall and bounce perfectly in this hole. Very unlikely! Then in the early mornings around3-4am when sleeping all thecabin lights would just come on every night. We had19 friends on this cruise with id and we asked if their lights did the same and they said no!! Needless to saying wore my ring 24/7on that boat!

  16. I think it should be disclosed or if they decide to keep it open at least inform people of it and yes I do understand that people die in hotels and cruises but it is different when someone is murdered it’s very nerve racking because people think by her being murder her soul might not be at rest so she might haunt them and it’s just the simple fact that somebody was killed in the room your sleeping in is creepy

  17. Sounds like a opportunity to go ghost hunting and a cruise, just saying, with respect to the victim

  18. Elation was awesome….if your worries about a murder in a cruise..I feel sorry for your every day life… It’s a great ship with great workers

  19. I hope by now, all the hoopla, madness and silly superstitious rhetoric regarding cabin R24 is over!
    I’ve sailed on Elation 4 times already and about to embark on my 5th aboard this awesome ship. This will be my second trip staying in cabin R16, which is just a few doors forward and across the passage way from the infamous R24. I’ve know of the tragedy that happened in that cabin for years. I’ve never heard a single complaint from anyone staying in it.
    It amazes me how superstitious some are about selective things. Paranoia over nothing! If it bothers you, better check out every place you go for a history of a past death. Chance are, the land you live on, house you live in, office or business where you work or even some of the recycled material in the car you drive was at some point exposed to someone who died! Lol Even the very air partials you breath every single day were once in the lungs of someone how is now deceased!!!!!!! That’s a fact! I suggest you get over that!

  20. Just got off that ship and a woman was up set staying in that room and didn’t know anything about it being haunted.she totally lost it.

  21. It’s typically women that whine and get upset about things like this (not all women, I realize, but usually it’s females). I couldn’t care less if there’s a room with a murder; if anything, it’s more fascinating. Grow up vera, lee, and others that complain. Death is a reality. Handle it like an adult.

  22. You people watch to many movies. Hundred of thousands people die every day. Can you imanage if every location that a person ever died in was closed off to the public because of the fear of a ghost could still be living there. When you get admitted in the hospital do you ask if someone has ever died in this room? Excuse me nurse but do you have have any rooms that no one died in. I paid for a private room and I’m not sharing it with no damn ghost. Get a grip people.

  23. That room needs to never be occupied by a paying passenger out of respect for the woman who was murdered.

  24. we are cruising in may, just found out about the murder, my daughter she is going to be so excited ,she loves these kind of story.and being on that ship.

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