Carnival Cruisers Pay $2300 to Escape Antigua Jail

After a plea deal, five Carnival cruisers who were arrested in Antigua after a scuffle with a cab driver and police will be able to leave the island after paying a fine totaling around $2,300 (depending on the news source).

The cruisers were put on trial following an incident involving a cab driver demanding double payment, followed by a fight with plain-clothes police officers. Local officials say the cruisers were combative and aggressive and the cruisers say they thought they were being robbed and had no idea the group were police officers.

We’re holding that both parties bear part of the responsibility, but after a plea deal, a judge in Antigua is charging 5 of the cruisers fines for miscellanies charges, and ordering the group to pay a total of $1,170 in compensation for the “suffering and damage to officer’s property.”

Carnival Cruise Lines say it’s unrelated, but they recently dropped Antigua from Victory’s itinerary – the first change in over four years.

Source: Caribbean Life

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