Carnival Conquest, Valor Offer Behind The Scenes Ship Tour


On any cruise ship there are a million doors that say “Authorized Personnel Only.” Ever wonder what’s goes on behind those doors and deck areas? Carnival has introduced a new behind the scenes ship tour aptly named “Behind The Fun,” on the Conquest and Valor, and plans to roll out the tour on all 12 Carnival ships by September.

The ship tour lasts three-and-a-half hours, and will include stops like backstage, laundry room, crew galley and dining area, crew gym, and the main galley where the ship’s daily 12,000 meals and snacks are prepared.

More exciting stops include the bridge and engine control room, which include Q&A sessions with the Captain and Chief Engineer.

The ship tour cost will run $95, and will come with some Carnival swag like a hat, lanyard, picture book, and complimentary photos with the captain on the bridge.

Have any of you taken the tour? Was it worth the price?

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