Piano Players Beware on Cruise Ships


Are you an amateur piano player?  Ever been aboard a cruise ship with a piano just sitting there waiting for someone to come along and tickle its ivories?  Were you tempted?  Did you sit down and play a few bars?  You may not ever get a chance to do this again, unless of course, your hands are insured!  No, this isn’t a joke, according to an article written by Alan Hamilton in TIMESONLINE. 

Mr Studley, 40, and his wife Carol were recently on board the luxury cruise ship Silver Whisper from Southampton to the Mediterranean when, during an overnight mooring in Monte Carlo, he was encouraged by fellow-passengers in the ship’s bar to run through his repertoire.

Crew members stopped him. The music was fine, but there was a problem; unlike Liberace or his hero, Richard Clayderman, Mr Studley had not insured his hands.

So, all you amateur piano players, just in case you’re tempted to play every time you pass a sitting piano, it’s time to go out and get your hands insured! 

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