Alaska Soaks Cruise Ship Passengers

Just when I’d finally convinced my husband to take an Alaskan cruise, Alaska goes and ruins its image!  Since we live in an area that experiences the four seasons I’ve never been able to convince my husband to take an Alaskan cruise. But recently he’s been leaning in the direction of choosing a cruise that takes him, in his words, “to a place that’s cold”, even though it gets plenty cold where we live.  I think he changed his mind because everyone we talk to that’s been on an Alaskan cruise raves about how beautiful it is.  Then I come across an article in The Corvallis Gazette Times written by Cathy Ingalls which states:

The required $50 excise tax for passengers on large cruise ships was imposed by Alaskan voters last August as part of a citizen’s initiative that sponsors said would help protect the state’s water quality and its fisheries along with providing funds to improve port and harbor facilities and support commerce and regional tourism.

Alaska is believed to be the only state that charges people to visit.

No, it’s not the $50 that upsets me, if you go on a cruise you know there are going to be extra charges.  It’s the fact that Alaska should be thrilled that over 950,000 people cruise to Alaska each summer.  Gee, do you think that maybe that has boost their economy a bit?  I don’t mind paying my fair share, but I don’t appreciate getting “soaked” either.  Almost makes you head South instead of North for our next cruise!

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