Parents of Jailed Cruisers Speak Out Against Antigua, Carnival Cruise Lines

After their children have been jailed for several weeks after an alleged scuffle with police in Antigua, parents of the six are speaking out against the island nation and Carnival Cruise Lines.

The six were jailed after allegedly refusing to pay a cab fare, which according to them was doubled at the last minute. Following the incident, the group was driven to a local police station where the scuffle took place. Both sides have different stories at this point.

The Antiguan police say the group was aggressive towards them, while the group says they were beaten by plain-clothes police officers and fought back.

A community activist from Brooklyn and unofficial family spokesperson says that, “We think the court system is a bit of a mockery. It’s being dragged out…They’re hoping the young people surrender and say they’re guilty and pay the fine.” The crimes they’re accused of could carry 2 years in prison and up to a $4000 fine each.

The family has also been critical of Carnival Cruise Lines, who they claim left the tourists high and dry. Carnival disputes that, saying they have “been in frequent contact with these individuals and a variety of assistance has been provided.”

While we commend Carnival for trying to help, it seems a bit misguided to blame the cruise line. Anytime you venture on your own into another country you’re taking a risk. If the cruise line had set up the tour or hosted it – then some culpability would be expected. In this case, the real blame should be placed on the Antiguan government that is allowing this minor dispute take weeks to resolve.

Even though we weren’t there, we highly suspect the cruisers are telling the truth about a dishonest cab driver — something many of us have experience with.

The longer Antigua lets this drag on, the more likely it is to lose millions of lost tourism dollars in the future.

The family is expected to make public comments Wednesday afternoon.

Source: Daily News

4 thoughts on “Parents of Jailed Cruisers Speak Out Against Antigua, Carnival Cruise Lines”

  1. Maybe a bit more parental guidance and control would have been what was required a long time ago. These so called guests showed no respect towards the people or the laws of the host country. I suppose that the laws of the their country is the only ones that are relevent. What would have happened had they behaved that way and attacked a member of the NYPD? When you leave your home leave your dirty attitudes and behaviors there.
    As for the millions of dollars, if these folks are examples of what we will get, the price is too high. Keep them and the millons!


  2. Some may argue that a member of the NYPD wouldn’t have been in a tshirt and flip-flops trying to arrest someone.

  3. can i just say that finally SOME ONE stood up to people i am so sick of tourists being the target for everything and antiguans just seem to keep thinking they can get away with doing these kind of things to tourists .people seem to think its ok to bump up the prices when they see tourists and honestly i think its radicilious –turn the tables imagine an antiguan goin to america or uk and they see you coming and since you are a tourist they double the price i think you would be pretty upset too. I do not agree with violence at all but i definatly think that what happend that day was just something that was going to happen sooner or later. I think police in antigua need to get off their high horse and see that they are no better than everyone else its a job so they should try doing it professionally- they are extremley rude, i have been to several stations over antigua for help and im afraid i have a diary full of nasty things i think of the police officers.i find most of them to be rude and ignorant. even the woman officers too and i think that is horrible- yes they need to enforce the law but need also not forget this is only a job- when they are out of uniform they would not stand a chance talking to people how they do when on duty…..

    and honestly im GLAD the AMERICAN tourists stood up for them selves its about bloody time…..


    sometimes i wander if antigua even know how to follow their own law- police officers molesting young girls- selling + using drugs- beating people ,, ANTIGUANS NEED NEED TO LOOK AT THEM SELVES BEFORE SPEAKING DIRT ON OTHER PEOPLE

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