Carnival Cruiser Jailed in Antigua Begs for Forgiveness

It’s been a very polarizing case with few confirmed details, and now one of the six Americans charged with crimes and jailed in Antigua is begging for forgiveness.

“I am sorry about the disrespect I caused to the police. I am sorry about the disrespect I caused to this country,” 24 year old Shoshonnah Henry told an Antiguan court Wednesday according to the Antiguan sun. “I am a law-abiding citizen. I had no idea where I was and I was afraid for my life. Please forgive me.”

The dispute began after a cab fare allegedly doubled at the end of the ride, causing the passengers to object and the cabbie to drive to the police station. It is what happened after that is disputed. According to the cruisers, they were only defending themselves – adding that all the officers except one were wearing plain clothes.

One woman said she panicked after a man dressed in a t-shirt and flip flops tried to detain her friend then slapped her when she objected.

“I began crying and ran to the police officer in uniform to help me. I told him a man just slapped me and I want to press charges,” she testified. “The police officer ignored me, and another man and woman came over and started pulling me back into the garage. I asked to please let go. I thought they were trying to rob me. I asked over and over to please stop.”

Source: Antiguan Sun

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