New Cruise Ships for “Baby Boomers”

Okay, the official word is out from the recent Seatrade convention, the annual expo of the cruise ship industry.  Baby Boomers are talking (and buying), and cruise lines are listneing. As reported in the Cruise Ship Report,

By the time a session on luxury cruising was over, Silversea had announced plans for at least one new ship, Oceania said it had just placed a multiship order, Seabourn talked about two ships on the way, and American Cruise Lines said it was building two more.

“The luxury sector is booming,” said Frank Del Rio, CEO of Oceania Cruises. “The pentup demand for upscale cruising is staggering.”

The upbeat atmosphere at this year’s Seatrade was in dramatic contrast to the early part of this decade, and reflected a new confidence by small luxury cruise lines — based on the past couple of years — that “Baby Boomers” will be taking to the seas in style.

So all you fellow “Baby Boomers”, where are we going on our next cruise???


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