Carnival Cancels Canadian Cruise Ports

Carnival Glory

Carnival Cruse lines is blaming the weak economy for its latest cancellation of three stops on its “Québec – After the Glaciers” itinerary.

Originally, The Carnival Glory was scheduled to depart on a 9-day cruise that included stops in Québec City, Baie-Comeau, and Havre-Saint-Pierre. Now, Carnival has scrapped those stops, and says it will concentrate on 4, 5, and 7 day sailings instead.

All three ports still expect to have increased cruise traffic this year, since each has had a number of incentives to attract visitors, and have future projects on the way. Despite the cancelations, Carnival says they are still interested in Québec City, Baie-Comeau, and Havre-Saint-Pierre, and will see if they can be added to their 2011 sailing schedule.

If you already booked one of these 9-day cruises, Carnival is offering the option to rebook.

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