Buying Pictures on Cruise Ships – Do you do it?

No matter what cruise line or destination, you can count on there being a photographer on board – and many times your first experience with said photographer will be before you even board the ship, as they start snapping pictures as you finish checking in and are walking to the ship! What are the pros and cons of buying pictures on cruise ships?


1) Gear: The camera equipment used by the cruise lines is prosumer to pro-level gear. Even if you’re into photography and are bringing your DSLR, you’re probably not going to be bringing multiple flash stands, soft boxes, and umbrellas. In other words, their pictures will be much more professional looking than yours.

2) Convenience: You’re may not always have a camera on you, but the photographers do. You may not know when the waiters will perform at dinner and your significant other gets pulled into the conga line, but the crew does – and they’ll probably nail the shot.

3) Daily Deals: There are sometimes deals to be had on photos – but they aren’t always advertised. Ask the person working the counter if there are any current specials.


1) Expensive: A 8×10 print will run you a little over $20 on average. Individually speaking, this may sound expensive for a single print – and it is. But when you figure in what you’re getting for that price (read “Pros”) – it’s actually not that bad.

We suggest you smile when the photographer comes your way – you never know how much you’ll like the photo and want to bring it home with you. If you absolutely know you don’t want any photos, kindly say “no thank you” when the photographer asks to snap a picture. If they’re extra pushy – take the photo with a ridiculous face – the other guests will appreciate the humor when they’re searching through the sea of photos.

Watch the video below to see Royal Caribbean’s photo operations: