Antarctic Cruisers Frozen in Place

Antarctica Cruise Ship StuckA Russian Icebreaker was expected to return to port on Monday, but after getting frozen in place by ice in the Antarctic, that return will be delayed.

The Kapitan Khlebinov set out on November 3rd with 80 British tourists who expected to view the emperor penguins in Antarctica and head back home. The first three days of the cruise went as planned according to one person on board communicating via satellite phone, but said the weather took an unexpected turn for the worse, and has now kept the ship frozen in place for the last 7 days.

According to the Guardian, the ship’s 105 passenger and crew members aren’t in any danger, but some are feeling frustrated – including a BBC film crew that are on board filming a documentary.

On-board biologists and geologists are trying to keep passengers entertained by giving lectures. I guess this crowd is more likely to appreciate a lecture on geology, but after a week on board a ship that’s frozen in place, I can think of several things I’d rather be doing than attending daily lectures on geology.

The ice is expected to thin over the weekend and allow the ship to return to Argentina.