Woman Suing Carnival Over Ship Speed

When reading all the “Top 10 things to know before you cruise” posts, I never thought the author should have included that you’ll be traveling by Sea. On a boat. That moves up and down in the water.

One woman in Indiana (to her credit, Indiana IS pretty far from the ocean) thought it was appropriate to sue Carnival Cruise Lines because she came ill and claims it was because the ship was moving to fast.

“due to the speed of the ship I became very sick, my body swayed terrible on the ship I had bleeding, which I had not has [sic] in three years. The ship was moving so fast everyone on board became sick, even the workers,”

Beyond not having any merit, which I’ve been told is crucial to a court case, she decided to sue the cruse line over a year after the incident happened, and she tried to sue Carnival in Indiana – which it does not operate in, did not deport or stop in, and the contract you sign when before you sail says it’s got to be Florida courts.

It’s a shame that someone after talking to some friends about her experience decided, “Hey, I’m going to sue a big company today for something that I should have known about.”

I doubt she’ll go through the trouble of filing a claim in Florida courts, but if she does, I hope Carnival sticks to their guns and doesn’t settle this for a dime.

Source: AOL Travel

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