Techno Cruise Ship

A big “THANK YOU” goes out to Celebrity Cruises.  As reported by freelance reporter, Christina Jonas, talking about the refurbished 12 year old ship Celebrity ship, Century,

“took just five weeks and included adding 14 new suites, 10 staterooms, a specialty restaurant, updated bathrooms, and plasma TVs and wireless Internet access in every room”.

Now the dreams of many can be answered.  You want to go on that desparately needed vacation but you or your spouse must be able to be in contact with the business world (or your family that you left at home), on a daily basis. Now thanks to Celebrity Cruises you can do just that!  Even better, assuming that the access works just outside your room, you can sit on your balcony while you work.  According to Celebrity president, Dan Hanrahan, an additional 314 balconies were added to the ship.  

Speaking of balconies… after being spoiled by having a balcony once you just can’t go back to an inside cabin.  (At least I haven’t been able to!)  My husband is afraid that I may decide to try a suite next! 

So now there are no more excuses.  Book that cruise, pack up your laptop and go on vacation! And if you haven’t tried it, treat yourself to a balcony, you won’t regret it! 

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