Retirement on a Cruise Ship

Yes, I know this subject has been talked about before, but no cruise line seems to be taking the topic seriously, even though there are many “Baby Boomers” getting ready to retire in the very near future. What if a current cruise line took a chance to see how this would work?  Has any line even done a market analysis on this yet? 

Here are my suggestions:  Maybe start with 2-3 cabins.  They must be “rented” for a minimum amount of time. (3,6,12 months).  Of course the prices should be comparable to or less than if the “renter” just purchased back to back cruises for the same amount of time.  Renter gets a break on the price, cruise line has an occupied cabin at a guarenteed rate.  Renter may even work on/for the line.  Assuming these are retirement age people the possibilities would be babysitting for the tourists’ kids, teaching bridge, computers, etc. 

How many people would actually give up everything to live on a cruise ship?  I don’t know, but I do know that baby boomers (myself included), want “something different”, not our parents idea of “retirement”, but something that keeps us active and in touch with the world and technology.  Traveling offers so many opportunities to learn about history and other cultures.  Wouldn’t it be great to have everyday be a new experience while your basic needs (food and shelter) are being met?  Perhaps eventually the ships could have a reciprocity deal.  After your contracted time is up on one ship you can move to another ship (or maybe just switch with another couple).  It would work like the all inclusive resorts where you can go to different restaurants but it’s still part of one package.  I have more ideas concerning this topic and would be happy to be the first participant should any cruise line be interested.  (I would need a little bit of lead time to sell the house and everything in it. ;))


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  1. Loved your comments re: retirement on a cruise ship. Thinking about the very same thing. You make many good points. I am a bit older than a “baby boomer” I am 66, healthy and single and want to have an active retirement along with the stimulus of travel and meeting new people. How wonderful to have your basic needs met along with safety and security. It beats the alternatives of senior centers, assisted living or nursing homes .
    God willing it could be the start of a new trend for active seniors.
    Email me with any comments or suggestions.
    Thank you,

  2. Just came across this brilliant idea. My husband works overseas and probably will for several more years. I am by myself and it gets rather lonely sometimes. That would be an exceptional idea for me, especially since I like to travel and my husband isn’t wild about it. My one drawback is that I have a 4-legged “child” and I’m not sure I could give him up. But the chance to see the world or at least different parts of it would be fabulous. And I love to cruise. I’ll have to look into this facsinating idea. Thanks so much and if you have any additional information, just email. Blessings, Camchase

  3. This is something I’d be very interested in pursuing. What a great idea as an alternative retirement plan. Please let us know how to make this happen! Thanks!

  4. This sounds like a good idea, except so far no one has been able to form a group to negotiate on an affordable rate and a continuous schedule without much traveling to and from the port of embarkation/disembarkation. Arranging it individually is only feasible to the rather well to do.
    I have looked into this for a long time. I have found an alternative to this grand scheme. It is not as glamorous and as satisfying to your wander lust as living on a cruise ship travelling everyday, but it is more affordable and you can cruise/travel on week-ends and in summers while living in an independent retirement community on board a beautiful mid-size ship. You own the condo on the ship and you are part owner of the ship. You pay a very reasonable monthly fee that is all-inclusive, even all meals, all uitilities, phone, internet, and access to doctors, nurses, medical services…….You enjoy plenty of open spaces, lounges, gym, libray…. all amenities that a commercial cruise ship offers. The first ship will be located at Miami close to all convenices. There are units designated for condo owners’ visitors (you need to reserve them in advance). Imagaine how cool it is when your grand kids come to visit you on your beautiful cruise ship and share the sumptuous meals with you. You will meet your fellow like-minded owners at meal time to talk about the day. You can find a quiet nook to enjoy solitude if you so wish. You will enjoy activities that interest you, be it dance lessons, or arts and crafts, or woodworking…Sunshine and warm weather all year round; occasional hurricans will not be a problem because you can sail your ship out of harm’s way! Ocean front living with the added perk of frequent cruising for a fraction of the cost of living on land. I can’t wait till the day I will be moving to my ship1

  5. I recall reading another approach where they talked about taking an older ship being “retired” converting it to a “Co-op” type of ownership and doing some arranging to give at least some more apartment like spaces also storage spaces like a garage for sports and travel items etc that could clog up the living space.

    He did a fairly complete financial outline and using staff from overseas the cost for good quality services could be quite attractive and extensive depending on what the “co-op” board wanted.

  6. this would be a wonderful retirment idea except it would probably pertain to only people who are wealthy. if it can be adapted for anyone, it sure would beat a nursing home. i would definitely be interested.

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