Proposed Cruise Ship is Largest Ever

Princess Kayuga


The Princess Kaguya is a cruise ship with a mission. Rather than just serving as a floating hotel for tourists, the organization proposing to build this mega-ship hopes that it will be an attraction in the ports that it visits and serve as a floating center of cultural exchange. The ship itself will be 505 meters long – that’s 1657 feet long. Or, in other terms, about five and a half football fields or almost a third of a mile long. The ship would hold a staggering 8,400 passengers while at sea, and could accommodate 10,000 visitors while in port.

Here, we are aiming to make real the dreams of those charmed by the sea by building an “International Urban Cruise Ship”. There are quite a few international cruise ships traveling around the world, and none are open to the local people of the cities they visit. The ship becomes nothing more than the scenery from the harbor. The ship we are planning will be fully available to the people it visits at each port of call, functioning as an international cultural exchange.

The people at each port city will be able to enjoy all the facilities on the ship and the latest and greatest equipment that the ship brings in to each port. The ship will become a part, an extension of the port city where it arrives at the moment it docks in at the harbor. All facilities including hotels, shopping malls, sport arena and various events at the multi-purpose hall on board will become a part of the city, available to the passengers and locals alike.

The cultural exchange which takes place at each port of call all over the world will help to build an international network of people and ideas, which is the core concept of our “Princess Kaguya” project.

The developers of this concept even claim to have filed an international patent for the idea of operating a ship in this manner, and in particular holding events on board the ship. We’re not patent experts, but somehow the idea of arriving in a port and having the locals come on board doesn’t seem quite original enough to earn a patent… but we’ll see.

It seems that the logistics of moving that many cruise passengers and local visitors on and off would be time consuming and, at ports without the ability to dock a ship of this magnitude, even more difficult and time consuming. The tender operation to move eight or ten thousand people back and forth would be comparable to the Normandy invasion. (Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it would dwarf the scale of today’s largest tender operations.)

The ship would have three separate hotels, including some areas designated for permanent residents.

We don’t know what the odds are of this ship getting built, but if if does, it will be one impressive cruise ship!

3 thoughts on “Proposed Cruise Ship is Largest Ever”

  1. I’m a cruise lover, but this is insane, can you imagine almost 8,500 people on board?

    The bigger the better? not in this case… you’ll feel being in a big parade.

  2. I like cruise ships but, comon! you people are getting alittle insane with the sizes of these ships. if cruise ships keep growing in size theyll be so long that theyll only need to sail for 2 minuts before they reach ther stop lol ther soo long and its not exactly safe to have so many people on one vessel at a time i mean if this ship sinls and is fully loaded with like 10000 – 12000 people on board ( i forgot how many people it can carry exactly ) its gonna be cayodic to get them all off, plus thers not that many ships that massive so if thers only like 1 ship close by in like hundreds of miles ther not gonna be able to take over 10 000 people on board lol so just think about it before u spend millions of dollers on this ship it would be cool but it doesnt seem worth it also it would be crowded in the corridors becose if u just have 1 long one omg i been on the oasis of the seas durring a lifeboat drill and omg it took over an hour ther was so many people in the hallways trying to get to the lifebaots as if we were on the titanic lol

  3. Even a ship like Oasis of the Seas seems unrealisticly big. This one is 2/3 bigger. A major problom would be docking

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