Over 2000 Cruise Ship Passengers Stranded

Another cruise cancellation has occured, this time on Princess’s Sea Princess. As reported in the BBC news, the Sea Princess, with over 2000 passengers on board cancelled the cruise because of a “technical fault”.  Evidently one of the luxury ship’s propulsion motors is to blame according to the Hampshire News.  What would have been a memorable 14-day Mediterranean cruise for these passengers has turned into a nightmare.  Unfortunately this is a great example as to why you buy travel insurance, but that won’t help if you’ve only got 2 weeks of vacation coming and that just got ruined.  So what would you consider to be a reasonable compensation?  Princess is offering a full refund and 25% discount on another cruise but what about air-fare, (or perhaps the last of your frequent flyer miles that you used)?  I’m sure the cruise lines have protocols that they follow in these instances but does everyone get reimbursed the same?  If you make more of a fuss do you get reimbursed more??   If you’ve ever been in this kind of situation please share your story with the rest of us. 

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