Does World’s Largest Cruise Ship mean Largest Environmental Impact?

The Oasis of the Seas is currently making its way across the Atlantic ocean on its way to Port Everglades, Florida which will be the world’s largest cruise ship’s home port. Many may think with the title of World’s Largest that the Oasis would also have the largest environmental impact, too. Royal Caribbean is trying to make sure they can travel to the most sensitive of environments and have as little impact as possible.

In the video below, the crew talks about the brutal weather they’re experiencing right now in the North Atlantic – 40 foot waves, near hurricane force winds. According to Captain William Wright – the Oasis is handling remarkably. The ship’s environmental officer is also interviewed, and talks about Oasis’s standards for treating wastewater on board.

Recently, the U.S. House and Senate introduced bills that would extend the distance from U.S. shorelines that ships were able to discharge untreated wastewater.

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