Live Anti-Aircraft Ammo Found Beneath Seattle Cruise Ship Terminal

In October 2010, divers doing homeland security safety checks beneath the cruise ship terminal made a startling discovery: Live ammunition between 20mm and 90mm in size.

The port was used as a munitions depot during WWII up until 1971, and the investigators explain that it isn’t necessarily surprising.

“Wherever munitions have been handled in the past, they have rolled off the pier, they’ve been dropped out of cargo net. It’s perfectly normal, it’s expected. What is unexpected is that there is a cruise ship terminal built directly above where some of these munitions are,” says one munitions expert.

As the cleanup continues, the crew has found 11 live munitions and hundreds of other “munitions related items.”

The 90mm size are the most concerning – as they are commonly used as anti-aircraft projectiles – and are also commonly used in tanks.

Experts say that while the cleanup is important, the items found pose a very low risk overall and shouldn’t be cause for alarm among those cruising from the terminal.

Currently, Holland America and Princess are among the largest cruise lines to sail from Seattle.

What are your thoughts? Would this report make you think twice about sailing out of Seattle?

Source: via Cruiselog

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