Cruise Ship Safety

Okay, so how many of you out there are now wondering “how safe am I on a cruise ship”?  Well, considering that at any given time there are tens of thousands of passengers aboard hundreds of cruise ships, I’d say your chances of being safe are pretty good!  It’s the same as trying to explain to someone how flying is actually safer than drving to your destination in a car.  The numbers are on your side in a cruise ship or a plane. 

So, still curious about cruise ship safety?  Here is a list of Cruise Ship accidents since the 1980’s courtesy of a recent  AP article.

Need more safety information before you book your next cruise?  Check out this related article from Cruise Critic

Members Speak Out: Cruise Ship Safety 
Never in recent memory has the issue of safety on cruise ships been more front-and-center than it has been in the last few weeks…

So we asked — and 1,700 Cruise Critic members responded in just three days — are cruise ships safe? Will you cruise? Are you worried?

And the answers?

An overwhelming majority of folks — 94 percent — told us that yes, they believe cruise ships are safe….

If you’re planning your first cruise you may be a bit apprehesive, but if you’ve cruised before you know that the pleasures of cruise traveling outweigh the fears. 


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