Cruise Ship History and Trivia


I’ve enjoyed cruising for about 14 years now, but until I came across this interesting article written by Ken Brooks, I’d never given a thought as to how or when the cruisng industry started.  I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

This year, more than nine million Americans will choose a cruise for a vacation. It’s not a new idea. In the 1920s, a vessel was built to cater to the rich; its name was Stella Polaris. This was much like a private club, holding some 170 passengers in luxury. It sailed through Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, around Africa and even the world. The idea caught on and a vacation at sea began to grow. In fact, several steamship companies sent their trans-Atlantic liners cruising during the winter months…

The company that most changed the cruise business was Carnival Cruise Line. They began with older trans-Atlantic liners, slightly changing them for warm weather cruising and catering to an “everyman market.” Entertainment was geared to the younger and middle-aged set and since the ships were not luxurious, they dubbed them the “fun ships.” They offered many onboard activities including conga lines moving through passageways and public rooms. The Line made much extra profit with the bars, casinos and shore excursions.

 Cruising has sure come a long way!

2 thoughts on “Cruise Ship History and Trivia”

  1. Try again.

    NCL was the first cruise line in Caribbean in 1966. Carnival was started later as a spin off from NCL after a disagreement betweeen Knut Kloster and Ted Arison.

    Carnival is now the largest. But they started from NCL.

  2. @CruiseShipGirl – it doesn’t say Carnival was first…just the most influential line on the entire business.

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