Cruise Director Reveals “Dumb Passenger” Stories

Aaron Hotfelder over recently sat down with an assistant cruise director for one of the major cruise lines (which one is a mystery) and he shared some of his tales of cruise ship passengers acting a fool. His name was changed to “Miguel” to avoid corporate retaliation. Here are the highlights:

• A woman came up to the reception desk and told Miguel she had a problem. “I can’t get my coffee cup out of the microwave,” she said. Miguel was understandably puzzled for a moment, then asked her if the hinge on the microwave door looked broken. “No, I don’t think so,” she said. “I’m pulling on the door as hard as I can but it won’t budge.” “Well, I’ll come to your cabin and take a look at it,” Miguel said. As soon as these words left his mouth, Miguel thought to himself: “Wait, these cabins don’t have microwaves.” As he walked with the woman to her cabin Miguel tried to think of what could possibly be going on. When they arrived, it was just as he suspected– the woman had tried to heat up a cup of coffee in the safe.

• An older man walked up to Miguel and asked, “Why don’t they use salt water in the toilets?” To which Miguel replied, “How do you know they don’t?”

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