Crime on your cruise ship?

Having been on many cruises I can say that I’ve never experienced, nor have I heard of anyone else that has had first hand experience with crime on a cruise ship.  I’m not talking about crime while in a port city, but a crime that actually takes place on the cruise ship.  Evidently a House subcommittee was interested enough to delve into the subject and come up with some interesting results as reported by Kimi Yoshino, of The Los Angeles Times. 

Testifying under oath before a House subcommittee, industry executives said that from 2003 to 2005, 178 passengers on North American cruises reported being sexually assaulted, 24 people went missing and four others were robbed…

At least 17 people fell overboard or simply disappeared while on cruises throughout the world in 2006…

Have you yourself or anyone you personally know ever experienced a crime on a cruise ship?   

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