Carnival Cruise Ship Collides with Royal Caribbean Ship – Photos!

On Wednesday, there were some tense moments aboard two ships in Cozumel when a Carnival cruise ship drifted into a Royal Caribbean ship sending glass flying, bending metal, and shaking the two vessels.

The incident happened when the Carnival Legend started to pull away from the dock while Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas was still tied up.

A storm coming into the area caused wind gusts up to 60 knots, causing the Carnival Legend to drift slowly towards the Enchantment of the Seas despite it’s the use of its powerful thrusters.

Both companies said the damage was minor and cosmetic, and officials in Cozumel cleared both ships for sea travel. One passenger aboard the Enchantment of the Seas says the Legend got the brunt of the damage, saying “The side of the Legend was dented badly, and the glass railings on the (Legend’s) promenade deck were shattered with broken glass everywhere.”

Photos in the gallery below.

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