Cargo Ship Cruises

Are you tired of crowded sun decks, 24-hour buffets, health clubs, climbing walls, and staff that cater to your every need? In that case, you might consider skipping your next standard cruise ship and go the cargo ship cruising route instead. Instead of thousands of passengers, you’ll be sharing the ship with thousands of containers. But, for those looking for a low-key voyage without a lot of planned activities, cargo ship cruises may be an interesting option. According to Container ships an off-beat cruising option, what cargo ships lack in amenities they make up for in free time:

For container ship enthusiasts, walking the deck, watching the sea, or tackling crafts and puzzles are entertainment enough. Many tote stacks of books or start writing one of their own: an autobiography or a narrative of their voyage. A few ships have saltwater plunge pools that can be filled for passengers. There’s also visiting the ship’s bridge and talking with the crew, though crew members frequently speak languages different from travelers.

The per-day cost of container ship cruising is lower than conventional cruise ships, but the longer voyages mean the overall trip cost won’t be that cheap. Port time tends to be limited, too, and of course there won’t be cruise staff offering you dozens of optional excursions. Cargo ships often don’t have elevators, and may impose age restrictions due to the lack of on-board medical staff.

A cargo ship cruise could be the ticket, though, if you want to put some quality time in on writing your novel without interruptions from cell phones, co-workers, neighbors, etc.

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