Age Old Beverage Gets New Age Treatment on Allure

iPadWineMenuFor 8,000 years mankind has been drinking and enjoying wine. Over that time, the landscape and complexity of the wine world has grown immensely, making it nearly impossible for even the most experienced oenophile to be well-briefed on every vineyard and vintage. To make ordering a glass you’ll enjoy a little less challenging, Royal Caribbean has introduced a new iPad based application in the wine bar aboard it’s newest ship, Allure of the Seas.

Interactive iPad based menus in Vintages wine bar, located in the “Central Park” area of Allure, allow customers to research different wines, food pairings, and regions – then digitally order a glass or bottle from the menu. Bartenders, or “Winetenders” in this case, instantly receive the order on an iTouch. The digital application also allows guests from all over the world to do their research in the language of their choosing.

“This is a great innovation,” says Roger Dooley, Editor of Box Wines and a long-time cruiser, “particularly on a cruise ship with a large staff. Every bar waiter can’t be a wine expert, and this lets passengers peruse the wine selection on their own.”

I particularly like the ability to narrow a list quickly, say, to “full bodied reds” and to provide a more detailed description of the wine in case the passenger isn’t familiar with it. The language flexibility is welcome, too, as it avoids situations like a Japanese passenger trying to learn more about a wine from a Hungarian waiter in English.

Check out the video below for more info on the digital ordering process at Vintages on Allure of the Seas: