World’s Largest Cruise Ship Misses Bridge by 2 Feet


At nearly 20 stories high, five times the size of the Titanic, and 40% larger than the cruise industry’s next biggest ship, navigating Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas isn’t easy. The captain of the world’s largest cruise ship tested his luck last night by passing under a bridge in Denmark with less than two feet between the smokestacks and the bridge.

Luckily, the Oasis of the Seas has telescopic smokestacks that it was able to lower in order to avert disaster when it passed underneath the Great Belt Fixed Link as the ship left the Baltic Sea on its way to its home port in Florida.

Hundreds of people gathered near the bridge to see the giant ship pass under the bridge around midnight local time last night.

“It was fantastic to see it glide under the bridge. Boy, it was big,” one onlooker told the Associated Press.

The Oasis of the Seas is expected to make its U.S. debut on November 20th.

Source/Photo: AP

One thought on “World’s Largest Cruise Ship Misses Bridge by 2 Feet”

  1. Hi, i worked on the Oasis for 1 contract (6 months as a casino dealer) and it is absolutely massive. It took over a week to familiarise myself with the decks (not good for safety if there are other crew members in the same position). I would recommend a cruise on this ship to anybody.

    My mum loved it.

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