Great Cruise Deals

New cruisers, veteran cruisers, now is the time to book that cruise!  Great deals are everywhere, according to Sue Kovach Shuman, of the Washington Post:

In his 23 years in the travel business, says Alan Fox, chairman of the Houston travel agency Vacations to Go, rates were this low only in the six months after Sept. 11, 2001. “The inflation-adjusted price of a cruise has never been lower. …It honestly is a buyer’s market out there.” Prices average about $70 per day on some ships, he says, “and it got down to as low as $40 in the fall.”

The best bang for the buck these days can be found in the Caribbean, Fox says, partly because of the prices and because people can often drive to their point of embarkation. Further, he notes, lines he considers “extremely family-friendly” — including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Disney and Norwegian — are sending ships out full.

Four night cruises are as low as $219.  Eight nights $399! A great price if you’d like to try cruising for the first time!  For seasoned travelers what about 10 days in Europe for $1425?

The deals are out there, you just have to look for them!

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