Cuban Travel Ban Costs U.S. Business over 1B Annually

Tourism companies in the U.S. could be losing over a Billion dollars a year due to U.S. laws that ban travel to Cuba.

Officials from Cuba say that includes $600 million for airlines, $300 million for travel agents, and $200 million in travel-related exports.

Currently, Cuba welcomes about 2 million foreign visitors a year, mainly from Canada, Britain, Italy, Spain, and France.

It’s currently illegal for U.S. citizens to visit Cuba, unless proper authorization has been given by the U.S. Government. Reasons for legal travel to Cuba include work in Journalism, government, or for religious or humanitarian purposes.

Although some travel restrictions were lifted during the Carter administration, the main laws that stop U.S. citizens from traveling to Cuba took effect in 1962 – the same year as the Cuban Missile Crisis

Source: ABC News

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