Cruise Bargains On the Rise

There’s not a lot to like in the current economic downturn, but for those who still have some cash there are plenty of cruise bargains to be found.

Low fares, reduced deposit requirements, free upgrades and waived fuel supplements are some of the savings currently available.

You won’t have trouble finding cruises for less than $100 per person per night on many itineraries, including Europe, Mexico, Alaska and the Caribbean. Here are some bargains spotted recently. [From New York Daily News – Cruise lines offering bargains galore by Sheila Callahan.]

That $100 per day level is kind of magic – considering that cruises include all meals and lots of entertainment, it’s hard to visualize any kind of other vacation that would provide a better value. The article even mentions a recent offer from Royal Caribbean: a 14-night trans-Atlantic cruise for $549 per person. If these values would only last, we could all sell our houses, cancel our apartment leases, and just live on cruise ships!

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