Spooky First Pictures from Inside Costa Condoria Wreckage

For the first time in over two years the Costa Cocordia is upright and ‘floating’ again – and below are some of the first images from inside the Costa Concordia wreckage.

Crews are in the process of moving the ship to a yard where it will be dismantled and used for scrap, but the search on-board continues today for the remains of the only person on-board yet to be located. Searchers will be looking for a 33-year-old waiter from India now that the interior of the ship is easier to navigate.

Here are some of the pictures from around the inside of the ship – including bars, dining areas, state rooms, and a piano lounge. Some of the areas had been submerged and others escaped major water damage as they remained above the water line.

Source: Daily Mail

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